Economic Collapse 2014 – US & World

By | January 8, 2014

Economic Collapse 2014 – US & World ; Start Preparing Now! Explanation, details, analysis and PROOF! economy collapse, crisis, 2014 economy prediction, outlo…

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45 thoughts on “Economic Collapse 2014 – US & World

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  3. jcrowley1985

    We’ve been in decline since 1970 when the Federal Reserve stole our gold.

  4. tobeor nottobe

    I’m in Australia and I upset my “grown children” by trying to make them understand what is going on. People are so oblivious to what is occurring here in Australia. and for the ones who do know, they want to pretend that all is okay.

  5. lakecrab

    The Jig is up…how many of you know when the jig began?

  6. inshan september

    What rubbish. How stupid do you have to be to believe this?

  7. 0Mellennium0

    Everyone is talking about a collapse. Yet The Dow is at 15,000. What if we are in the bull market of a lifetime ?

  8. Lorraine jacobson

    this is a great country, big, full of good people. Most people are GOOD and they want the best for everyone. If all you who wnat the best for the country, remember and do what is right,

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  10. PandaExtremeGaming

    Well done Iluminati you did a 10/10 job to destroy the country and have Obama as your puppet. If we had JFK America would be a great country also would not be in debt, it’s funny how people think “America” is the best country in the world, that’s the funniest thing I have ever heard. It used to be great now it’s destroying everything, music,games etc. Why do all the good presidents get shot but war criminals like Bush aren’t arrested yet?

  11. Joseph Jackson

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  12. goropeza101

    I’m not gonna freak out just because some so-called economist says 2014 will be a great collapse. According to Forbes and many other market forecasters theres no need to panic,growth is expected to be around 2%(not booming )in the first quarter. No great collapse but still economically weak .

  13. Derek Moya

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  14. watchthe1369

    These people are acting like hormones in the body of humanity, 1 per billion or so, and are able to cause “economic Diabetes” and such…….. Interesting premise.

  15. ARBuilder1776

    No one can predict when it will happen but don’t think it can’t happen. The debt we have cannot be sustained for ever and it will collapse.

  16. CartoonMan!

    I’ve been hearing it since the late 1980’s.

  17. Mihail Viteazu

    We have exterminated the property owners in Russia.We are going to do the same thing in Europe and America.
    (The Jew, December 1925,Zinobit
    The world revolution which we will experience will be exclusively our affair and will rest in our hands. This revolution will tighten the Jewish domination over all other people.”
    – Le Peuple Juif, February 8, 1919
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  18. jess jesse

    $ let gov justifice what they doing with their money ? how they spending this out ?
    wich part going their we want an review list !
    $ let gov give us an list ? and reminder we must controlling the gov cause their are unstrustable .
    $ wast dollar spilling of machine guns? by this machine guns you can food people foundations save thw worldglobal ? hello how manny brians you all got you tube readers ; 0.50% brians ? guess what you are to lazy to do something about it ?
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  19. dutchrjen

    Fundamentally, the average person needs to have incentives to make money and save it. If this money is safely invested into companies, entrepreneurs, or the government with a reasonable return then there is a circular flow of goods and money. The gov under in times of war may need to expand and can be part of this process

    Now, however, the elite/banks get the freshly printed money and they speculate with it. Much of the money is NO longer attached to goods or services produced by the mainstream

  20. dutchrjen

    The large gov is a problem. However, the largest problem is the monetary policy that creates incentives to SPEND. The banking elite gets a massive amount of money via printing and the middle class/poor either go into debt or onto government assistance

    If the average American has monetary incentive to SAVE then they gain wealth. At .1% interest the only way to gain wealth is to speculate

    During WWII the gov went into debt and created capital and the people SAVED massively. NO one is saving now.

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  22. steve bushdog

    So many Australian’s have gone to the USA (The best country in the world???????) and have come back so sad to see so many homeless people on the streets .. it will only get worse now .. I hope your Government wakes up and see’s your so not prefect at all

  23. taipei0791

    It is not easy to tell when exactly the U.S and world economy is going to collapse. We do know that with a debt based economy that requires more debt to grow, causing bubbles and misallocation of capital to occur, it is not a case of if, but a case of when economies around the world will collapse. All we can do is prepare the best we can and may God help us because nobody else will.

  24. Laiatar




  25. jon doe

    I saw the job of the future list, one was laid off School Teacher, Accountant, you could count the mega-riches money for them, and entertainment was on the list. You and Billybob, (who had a manufacturing job back then), should work on your dance routine.

  26. jon doe

    You people are brainwashed! You actually think America established sovereignty by capitalism which in turn means starting a business marketing Chinese and Mexican made products to American people. You notice the only thing made in USA today is the war machine. Well sort of, made in USA by two Mexicans. Why were tariffs O K in 1950? Try to sell that foreign crap to a 1950s America. If you fell for free trade you cant be that smart.

  27. Sea-hyun Lee

    guess were gonna be homeless by the end of 2014
    see you on the streets

  28. Ice IceNewZealander

    I have listen to you for years Alex and watched you for years, and the only physical thing I see that is factual from you is your getting FATTER AND FATTER, which leads me to believe you have more and more money to spend on food. I would have more respect for you if you got off your fat butt and did something constructive with your influence. I am sure you started out with the right intentions but now your just like them a FAT CAT, You must be doing well. Its time you woke up.

  29. John Hebein-caunce

    would you believe someone if they said the world would end tomorow? Its coming but no one can pinpoint a date. I guarantee if the federalbank stoped buying 85 billion dollars worth of bonds a month us would of been done by now. Truth is fiat currency cant last, or there will be only super poor people and super rich people in the future. The monetary system needs to reset.

  30. John Hebein-caunce

    Predicting it is like predicting the end of the world. It will happen when it happens but its sooner then later

  31. tradertoursdotcom

    I call bs. Capitalism is what made America great. The decline we are seeing today is a result of a government which is too big. If I selfishly pursue personal profits by starting up a business, I will be forced to hire employees in the process (creating jobs for people) . By the way, the world isn’t going to collapse in 2014. Yes, we are due for a recession SOMETIME ahead. But I have heard this doom and gloom talk in 2011, 2012, 2013 and now 2014.

  32. aussietuff

    I saw a similar video in 2011 saying the same about 2012..

  33. NSXgtA

    That depends on whether you think Kashmir belongs to the Paks or the Indians.
    Either way it’s third world, backwards, at risk of being caught up in a nuclear war which can destroy all agriculture and result in the death of millions. (:
    But safe from economic meltdowns.

  34. Praveen Raj

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