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By | February 4, 2017

Outline of Basic Truths:

1. The path to knowing God is through forgiveness.
a. We are forgiven by God through Jesus Christ.
b. We must always forgive others.

2. “Only God can forgive unconditionally.” (Metropolitan Jonah, Orthodox Church of America).
And through Him we can unconditionally forgive others.

3. Inner Peace is gained through forgiveness.

4. The Joy of the Lord comes through forgiveness.

5. Walking in the Spirit is maintained through forgiveness.

6. Without forgiveness there is no love and without love there is no forgiveness.

7. Refusing to forgive keeps God from forgiving you.

8. Without forgiveness no one can enter into the kingdom of heaven.

9. The opposite of forgiveness is hate.

10. Human forgiveness partially releases the forgiven one, but still remembers.

11. God’s forgiveness releases one from guilt, eternal punishment, it brings healing and has no remembrance. (In other words, God does not hold on to what He has forgiven us from in order to use it against us the next time we sin.)

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12. As His Children, we are to imitate God in love and forgiveness. (Ephesians 5:1-2)

13. We must forgive ourselves as God has forgiven us.

14. Refusing to forgive ourselves is denying that Christ’s death on the cross and that His resurrection had any purpose or meaning.

15. By refusing to forgive ourselves or others we are exalting ourselves above God and joining ranks with Satan and the destructive powers of darkness.

16. When we find it hard or impossible to forgive, we should confess it to Christ and ask Him to help us forgive, and then pray for forgiveness of those we cannot forgive.

17. Forgiveness gives God the freedom to move in our lives and the lives of those we have forgiven.

18. Forgiveness requires that God hear our prayers.

19. Most of all, forgiveness gives us the power and ability to live and fulfill our destiny.

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20. It is never too late to forgive.


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