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By | February 4, 2017

The US dream continues to be the biggest magnet for students from all over the world, to get that vital edge in the job market, which only a US degree ensures. It definitely isn’t a cakewalk to reach the land of opportunities, but with a little research and right help, you can achieve considerable success.


The right time to apply varies from one university to the other. The UG students aiming for the fall session (August) should apply by February and for the spring session (January), by October. As for PG students, they should really check since there are earlier deadlines for those interested in funding. Since students from India need ample time to apply for the F- 1 visa, A student should complete his/ her application procedure at least two months before the start of the classes. Classes for the Fall session start in September. So students have to be enrolled by early July. The same goes for the Spring session that begins in January.


Academic talent is just one of the many criteria considered by universities when admitting the candidates.

We want to learn more about a student’s extra- curricular activities like clubs, sports or organisations that they may be involved with. We look for leadership and demonstrated interest. We care about honours and awards that students may have received. We also want to learn about what others may say in the way of recommendations about a student’s potential for success.

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Institutes like NYIT seek strong academic backgrounds from students who also know how to balance their education with extra- curricular activities.They should have also taken up leadership roles in their secondary/ higher secondary education and in their communities.


Apart from your CV, the ‘statement of purpose’ ( SOP) plays a major role in admissions. The SOP should address what you hope to accomplish with this degree and indicate your research interest. For PG students, it is important because this is what will be used to decide if a student should be awarded a scholarship.


While pursuing an education in the US, getting a good place to stay may become a reason for concern.

But the US offers several on and off- campus accommodation facilities to students. Such housing is available for all four years of undergraduate study. First- year students at Harvard College live in one of the dormitories on or near the Harvard Yard.


To support your studies, you can opt for a part time employment of up to 20 hours on campus. At NYIT, apart from working part time on campus — about 15 to 20 hours per week, F- 1 visa holders can also work full- time during summer breaks. Graduate assistantships are also available for graduate students throughout the semester that offer college credit.


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