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By | February 4, 2017

If family gatherings are few and far between for you, you might be considering planning a family reunion. Family reunions can be great ways to get extended family together when they otherwise would not likely be in the same place. Scheduling a family reunion has many benefits, however it may take some serious preparations before the big event can take place.

Before deciding to plan family reunion, make sure that others family members are interested. Make a few calls to get a feel if there is enough interest to go any further with reunion preparations. Make it a point to call guests that live the furthest away, since traveling to a family reunion will be more difficult for them and will require more planning on their behalf. If others seem interested, then let the planning begin!

Picking a location for your reunion can be tricky. You can either pick a central location where family members can travel and then meet one another “in the middle.” Or, you might want to consider choosing a location nearest the highest concentration of family which will save many from having to travel far. When choosing a location, consider the time of year you will be having it. Also make sure your chosen location has all the amenities that you will need. Consider nearby lodging and airports before setting anything in stone. When all family members agree on the location of the reunion, pick a date for the event. Keep in mind that certain locations and facilities will be more expensive during their “peak” time of year.

Once your date and location are chosen, send out invitations as soon as possible. Traveling to a family reunion may require some family members to take time off of work and make extensive travel arrangements. The more time they have to plan, the better turn out you will have. If someone lives locally near where the reunion will take place, it may be considerate to provide their contact information to the traveling guests. Guests who are traveling may have questions about the best places to find lodging or other travel related questions that they can help with. Often, hotels will provide deals for a large block of rooms that are reserved. It may be beneficial for all out of town guests to stay at the same hotel. This will help them save money on their travel expenses and also provide more time to socialize and reconnect with one another.

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During the reunion itself, make sure you have planned enough food and drink for everyone since they will most likely not be near home or familiar with the area. Activities are also always fun and provide great motivation for family members to get talking and active with one another. Besides food and activities, be sure to put someone in charge of capturing all the family memories that will be created during your reunions. From photos to videos, the memories will likely be cherished by all in attendance. You can also have everyone chip in and send each family copies of photos and/or videos once the return home.


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