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By | February 4, 2017

You have found the best of homes modular and have moved in it to live a peaceful life. Even though your home modular is a cozy place where you can relax after your busy day, sometimes you might feel that you lack something. It is your extended family that you miss.

Your busy routine doesn’t give you enough time to stay in touch with your extended family members. If you feel that it has been a long time since you last saw Uncle Harry, Aunt Megan and that naughty bunch of children who always trouble everyone, a family reunion is what you need to plan.

The first part of planning begins with communicating your relatives. You need to make a contact list of the relatives who you want to invite. Next, you have to look for their contact information; their email ids, phone numbers or addresses.

A good idea is to use social networking sites and let the relatives know that you are planning such a reunion. Spread the word, and make amendments on your guest list if there are people who cannot attend the event, for any reason.

Take everybody’s opinion when deciding the date of the event. Make sure that it is acceptable to the maximum number of people so that everyone gets a chance to attend it. Summer vacation will be ideal to arrange this event.

The next important step is to decide the budget. The main expenses are incurred in traveling, lodging and food. When you are deciding the location, keep in mind that it is affordable and reachable for most of the members of your family. A location that is near your town will have lesser travel costs compared to a farther place.

As for lodging, camps and cabins are a great idea. Most of the family members will not be spending much on lodging because they also have to keep the travel expenses in their minds. A better option is to choose all-inclusive vacation packages, like that on a cruise ship. This will include lodging, food as well as entertainment for the whole family.

Capturing the memories is the next thing you need to focus on. Choose a photographer to take group shots of the family. When you are hiring a photographer, make sure you choose someone who is willing to work on flat and reasonable rates. You have already spent so much on lodging and travel, therefore you cannot afford to have an expensive photographer.

A good idea is to have the shots saved on a CD or a DVD. Not all the family members would be able to pay for the hard copies. Make sure you provide the digital copies of the shots to each family. Moreover, this idea will also help them take out prints of the ones they like.

Family reunions turn out to be fun if planned well. Make sure you include some entertainment in the reunion also. Form a reunion committee with a few relatives and plan games, skits, sport contests and talent shows. You can organize the whole event with the help of these people, and ensure that people do not get bored during the event.


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