Finding Nemo: Lincoln’s 2019 Nautilus Displaces the MKX ""

By | November 29, 2017


Oh, the poor Lincoln MKX. It debuted with a prow so closely approximating an electric shaver that Remington magnate Victor Kiam might have wanted to buy the Lincoln Motor Company. Then, to fit in with the rest of Lincoln’s questionable design direction, the gussied-up Ford Edge inherited first the baleen nostrils that so befouled other vehicles in the lineup, followed by the goofy, misguided mustache that was supposed to make Lincoln’s aesthetic finally palatable to serious luxury intenders. At last, perhaps tired of throwing dismal design at a nameplate that has known nothing else, the division has canned the MKX badge, tacked on a decent—if not entirely original—front clip, and renamed the crossover Nautilus. READ MORE ››



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