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By | February 4, 2017

Getting a job in sales is one of the most difficult positions to match a qualified candidate to an employer. There are thousands of people seeking this career path, but only a few will be a perfect company match in the end. To narrow your search options, an online job search engine will give you enough information about product, minimum qualification and availability to sharpen your focus on a particular industry or geographic location. and are two of the foremost vehicles to match an employer with a sales job candidate. To enhance your resume, try creating a strictly business orientated FaceBook page to showcase your talents, awards, strengths and ideals. In a fiercely competitive world, we need to utilize every bit of technology we can to beat the competition, so be bold and confident in your self promotion and branding.

Even in desperate economic times, the job seeker must use wisdom when applying for a sales position. When you are interviewed for a sales job, ask questions that will be relevant to your income and don’t be afraid to probe if you find the answers vague and ambiguous. Key questions to be ascertained are: Is the client another business or a consumer? What is the price point of the product or service? What is the competition? How is the commission determined and when is it paid out. Is there a customer service department that will follow through and support the client who trusted you?

Often times a sales job is hyped by the employer as being the best of its class and will blow the competition out of the water. But, as a savvy sales job candidate, your mission is to research such claims and investigate the industry. By the time a candidate is hired, one to two weeks may have passed where the candidate has stopped looking for other employment. The clock is ticking, so be sure you have been rational in evaluating the claims of the sales job employer.

One of the best ways to ensure you will remain motivated on the job and perform well is to select a sales job where the product or service appeals to you. Perhaps you would be more enthused with a media related job, rather than selling fiber optics. You can narrow your sales job search by industry in some cases, for example, to work in the entertainment field, avoid the traditional job search engines in favor of,, or The most successful sales people have a spring in their step on their way to work and can’t wait to tackle the day. These are not “dream” jobs, but rather the fruit of a diligent job seeker that did his or her homework in finding the right personality match for their next sales job.

Wherever you choose to work, the main personality features for a good sales person are assertiveness, confidence and a natural rapport with people. From the moment you set foot in the office for an interview, be sure your personality shines. Lots of people have education and experience, but the critical difference to win the position will come from the overall presence of the candidate and his or her ability to click with the current employees. So, be sure you are well liked when you leave.


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