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By | February 4, 2017

With the economy still going downhill, job security a thing of the past, and the financial future of most people looking uncertain, we need the strength and support of our spouses more than ever. Unfortunate, the same things that cause us to need one another the most can cause so much stress in our lives that it can have a negative impact on our marriage.

Although we’d like to think stress has no impact on our marriage, you can’t insulate the people around you from the anxiety and tension you’re feeling. No matter how much you want to protect them from bad news, you can’t protect them from your stress. You may be more irritable, less intimate, more “closed off,” less likely to joke around or be playful, and more likely to blame your spouse for problems in the household. These effects can be disastrous even for a happy marriage.

Some stress is good, of course. Stress can cause you to take action or prepare for the future. But with so many things going wrong all around us, it’s hard to believe anyone is dealing with only the good stress. Most of us who are in a marriage are feeling overwhelmed by stress. Maybe right now you’re thinking that your partner doesn’t seem stressed.

Share your stress with your spouse

Maybe that’s because you’re not talking about the stress each of you are feeling. In a happy marriage, no one wants the other person to worry. We all want to protect our loved ones as much as possible but hiding from reality is only going to make the situation and the marriage worse.

The worst part is you could not only save your marriage by talking about the stress you are experiencing but you could even reduce that stress. Most people feel better after just talking about what’s causing their tension. And if you’re in a marriage and working on resolving the cause of the stress together you’re more likely to feel positive about the outcome. And that will reduce your stress and help you return to the happy marriage you had before the recession.

Of course trying to conquer your stress and improve communication during tough times in marriage isn’t easy to do alone. The good news is you can find all of the information you need to turn things around and to save your marriage.


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