Hockey Usa Vs Czech ""

By | February 10, 2017

Powerful for Australia, it would be another step towards consolidating its supremacy in the women’s hockey.

winning the second successive gold medal in the Commonwealth Games when they are the dark horses of New Zealand’s shock summit on Wednesday.

The match is of great importance for the Hockeyroos, who despite being the undisputed leader in women’s hockey a long time, finished fifth in the world during the last month lost Cup Champions Trophy.

In addition, the rivalry between the two neighbors is planned to add more sparkle to the meeting a 01:30 pm start.”We must take what happens to us.

New Zealand has a good team and we want to achieve our goal of winning the gold medal,” said Australian coach Franky Murray.The Aussies also love to give a warm welcome warm sending off of coach Frank Murray, who is preparing to leave his job after the game.

“He (Murray) was in the team for the past six years, wanted nothing less than” a win is a big farewell party for him, “said Captain Madonna Blyth.New Zealand captain Kayla Sharland also sounded optimistic about success.

“It would be a tough game. We all know very well, but we must take risks when we receive them. We must continue to mix it up, corners and shots on goal, “he added.

For the record, New Zealand had a great go so far, has not dropped a point on the road to the final, while Australia dropped once in the stadium in the league, draw 1 – 1 with South Africa.

Much before impact the two best teams in the top two places, Britain and South Africa in conflict with the bronze medal at 09:00 England won the bronze medal at Trophée Champions and World Cup year.

Young Crista Cullen, who has been in excellent form in the penalty corner with four goals to date will be the main actor to see how he never trusted pull-flick queen Pieter Coetzee, who has looks back on the side of a retirement after five years, should put its weight behind the podium in South Africa.


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