Lightning Lap 2017: 19 New Performance Cars Attack America’s Most Grueling Racetrack! ""

By | September 5, 2017

Lightning Lap 2017

We never meant it literally. When we named our annual performance-car torture test Lightning Lap more than a decade ago, we meant it in a figurative sense. Fast like lightning, get it? That Lightning Lap is also alliterative is a source of amusement and at least a bit of embarrassment. This year, though, the 11th time we’ve visited America’s most demanding road course, Virginia International Raceway, we were in some danger of actually being hit by lightning of the 1 billion-volts variety, which is not at all amusing. Still, tires needed to be destroyed. Nerves needed singeing. We would not be swayed from our course. At least not until after the track dried. READ MORE ››



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