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By | February 4, 2017

Some of the most dreaded words a spouse can listen to are “I love you, but I’m not in love with you.” Too often, we get thus far before we begin to worry about how to help our marriage grow and be strong. These words can seemingly come from nowhere or there can be problems in the marriage that you simply aren’t dealing with. Whether there has been unfaithfulness or another example of broken trust in the relationship, or there has been abuse, boredom, or any number of other problems, you’ll need to actively work to help save marriage and make it the healthy, happy relationship that you mostly wanted it to be.

The First Step to Help Save Marriage Problems Go Away

Some marriage has highs and lows which are a normal part of the flow of things. If you go through an extended period of lows, however, there may be a problem. Until you recognize what that problem is, you aren’t going to have the confidence to help it become better. In some instances, targeting the problem that’s making you fight all the time or which is hurting one of you is simple.

You may be fighting over money or maybe you are upset that your other half does not seem to have an interest in you physically anymore. For other people, the reason for the issues may be fewer apparent. If you have to get counseling to work out what the problems are, then do it. You can’t get solutions without aware the problems.

The Second Step to Help Save Marriage Problems Go Away

After you have recognized the issue or troubles, you can take an useful method to making them leave away. This is going to need you to sit down and talk peacefully and honestly regarding making a plan for creating things improved. This is probably going to be harder than you be expecting it to be. Even those problems that seem minor can be extremely complicated when you start working on them. Often that’s because your spouse is one who considers it to be a deal breaker and by the point things have gotten to the point where you’re in danger of losing your relationship, they have peaked.

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You’ll have to do more than change your approach in order to help save marriage problems go away. For example, if your spouse has delivered the “I love you, but I’m not in love with you” message and she or he has been avoiding any form of intimacy with you for months, you could possibly be confused regarding what seems to have been a sudden change in her or his feelings. When she or he tells you that the 50-pound beer gut you have put on has completely cooled her or him off, do you think you’re going to be willing to commit to getting yourself in shape in order to help save marriage problems go away?

The issue may also be something like the fact that he or she feels unwanted by you since you haven’t touched him or her in six months. If your spouse has put on lots of heaviness or just is not taking good care of herself or himself and you do not see your spouse in a similar way, you need to put your cards on the table as well. With these types of issues, it’s important never to be accusatory or point a finger of condemn. Use the word “I” instead of the word “you”.

The Third Step to Help Save Marriage Problems Go Away

You need to have time to help save marriage problems go away, regardless of what they are. Whether you select to have psychotherapy or work on the issues yourself, it requires time to discover solutions for your problems and to heal from the damage that they have already done. For all time remember that you might be working to change your marriage and not your spouse. It’s the relationship that needs mending and you will both have to work at it and at finding what you admire most in each other so that you can fall in love again.

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