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By | February 4, 2017

Later this month the Republican presidential candidates will participate in debate in Colombia, South Carolina. This debate will allow Americans to see and hear what each candidate brings to the Presidential table. Perhaps there will be a leader who comes out of this debate as a favorite. Or there may just be what the Democrats have offered, which is nothing but fax-blast talking points with little honest substance. We hope someone stands out and that person must deliver answers which lock-step with true Conservatism. One of the most important of all points of debate should be addressing the American Income Tax system.

Ironically, the Fair Tax supporters are also having a rally directly across the street from the GOP debate, and on the same night. This is an intentional rally directed at the Republican presidential candidates. The Fair Tax supporters would very much like to hear what these candidates think about HR-25/S-1025, the Fair Tax Plan. Especially when several candidates have been quoted as saying about the Fair Tax, From what I understand, it is promising, but.

From what I understand, means that they have not taken the initiative to either read the plan or book. They have not felt compelled enough to ask any of the growing millions of supporters any questions about the Bill. Nor have they seen the political advantage of promoting the Fair Tax as a highly valuable campaign tool. You see, no-one in their right mind enjoys paying income taxes. Yet just about everyone loves spending their hard earned money on things they want.

With the current ever-changing tax monster, we are all finding it harder and harder to afford the things in life we desire. Even more trying will be the coming increase of $400 billion in higher taxes forced upon us by the newly formed Democrat representative majority. Even the Democrats understand that Conservative values win elections. However, as we are beginning to see, their values have changed since they have taken charge. Which is why the GOP presidential candidates need to know what the Fair Tax represents to the future of America.

All they have to do is ask questions, and read the Bill, the book or even the supporting information on the National Fair Tax website. Learn what the Plan will do, and be ready to stand behind one of the top Conservative ideals ever; no more income taxes. Become the leader of the Fair Tax drive and you will find millions following you to the polls. If you want the short track to the Whitehouse, get behind and push the Fair Tax Plan out into the American political spotlight.

I am willing to suggest that since your debate is right across the street from the Fair Tax rally, why not step across the road and see for yourself what millions are already supporting? I will bet you that if you inform the Fair Tax people that you want to attend the rally after the debate, they would be more than willing to wait for you to arrive. As I also guarantee you that when you walk in the door you would be given a much more supportive round of applause than you have ever experienced anywhere in your career. That is because all of those who come are willing to see for themselves what America truly desires in our taxes.

You will also find that not all are these Fair Tax supporters are just Republicans. In attendance you are going to see Democrats, Independents, and Libertarians there as well as CPAs and even IRS personnel, and they are all there trying to help each other teach the American public and politicians about the Fair Tax. Again, the candidate who steps up and makes the Fair Tax a primary election issue is the one who will doubtlessly earn the votes of these supporters and those to come in the future.

If you are truly dedicated to becoming the President of the United States then you have to be a trendsetter and not a follower. Be the leader and come to the Fair Tax rally after your debate. I am willing to bet that we will even have better refreshments.


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