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By | February 4, 2017

It is imperative that we build the Republican Party back up again by being innovative and optimistic while offering a visionary set of ideals that will move the country forward in the new millennium. I propose that it is crucial to give America the sequel to the Contract with America that the Republicans brilliantly unveiled in 1994 during the Newt Gringrich revolution.

Republican Contract with America II

We the Republicans will be the Party of national defense where we will continue to spend wisely on state of the art weaponry, missile defense shield “Star Wars” will be finalized to ensure random or targeted nuclear weapons don’t reach American shores. Safety of American citizens will be the highest priority if the Republicans are the majority Party. We will make our military stronger than ever to let despots, tyrants and dictators be acutely warned that America will protect our interests, coupled with defending our friends such as Israel, Great Britain and others. Former President Teddy Roosevelt was right when he said, “America will speak softly and carry a big stick”.

We the Republicans will be the Party of fiscal integrity not wasting tax payer’s money on pork laden projects that are blatantly self serving contributing to the greatest deficit in the history of mankind. If we are the majority Party we will cut taxes across the board including capital gains taxes, remove excessive government regulations and work smarter to jump start the economy by decreasing corporate taxes.

We the Republicans will be the party of border enforcement including building the Great Wall of America along the entire Southern border with anti-tunneling technologies. Employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens will be subject to lengthy jail sentences.

We the Republicans will be the party of quality education where no longer will public schools be the only option for Americans, especially in inner cities where these schools have failed our minority citizens. We will offer vouchers to inspire competition between schools and choice will lead to superior education. Moreover, we will endeavor to have nearly 100% of students being able to read by the conclusion of the third grade. Students will not be promoted beyond third grade until they are able to read. America spends more on education than any other Country in the world, yet our literacy rates are lower than Cuba. No longer will this travesty be allowed to exist where graduates can not read their own diplomas! We will ask for former teachers and other volunteers to assist in our “Need to read” program where all Americans can have a brighter future.

We the Republicans will be the party of energy independence where we dramatically cut back on foreign oil. This will be accomplished by drilling our own oil reserves right here in the country and off of the coasts. Newt Gingrich’s “Drill here, drill now, save money will truly make a difference”. The Republicans will have an all of the above strategy of increased domestic drilling, acquiring plentiful shale oil deposits in the mid-West and Western states, ramped up production of clean coal power plants, production of more oil refineries and more nuclear power plants with enhanced safety guidelines. The Republicans will also hire the best and the brightest to work on alternative energy sources including green technologies.

We the Republicans will be the party of law and order where state of the art technology is utilized to catch criminals. Police will also receive assistance from the military to remove the scourge of gang warfare in our cities. Our police department will never be outgunned or lacking in life saving equipment including bullet proof vests. The Second Amendment will be protected and gun ownership will be encouraged for all law abiding citizens as part of self-protection. Gun safety and markmanship classes will be available coast to coast.

We the Republicans will be the party of affordable healthcare for all Americans (not for illegal aliens). This will not include Socializing or nationalizing healthcare as this inevitably leads to rationing and less quality care for its citizens. We don’t want to dismantle the best healthcare system in the world, but rather ensure that all Americans are covered. Employers can still offer healthcare to their employees as part of their compensation packages. We will work to generate more competition, not less competition where hospitals and doctors will have to be more like retailers, which should help bring the prices of services down. All Americans will have major medical coverage protection where they won’t be wiped out by a serious illness or extended hospital stay. Medical savings account plans will be encouraged where those who don’t need services can attain interest under this plan. Working Americans will pay a small amount into a fund for these medical savings plans, which will be easy since American’s taxes will be lower under conservative leadership.

Please be aware that this is just a first draft by a one-man delegation. I would enlist Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney, Sara Palin, and Bobby Jindal along with other movers and shakers in the party to create a truly inspiring Contract with America II that Americans can be proud to support. We can’t let the Democrats have us playing a prevent defense, instead we need to get on offense and illustrate the stark differences between the parties. Americans need to be educated on how these liberal policies have always failed every time that they have been tried, and expecting different results will lead to disappointment. Conservatism is the key to a brighter future with unbridled prosperity for all.


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