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By | February 4, 2017
A number of this stuff embrace how the custodial parent is chosen, grandparent visitation, and therefore the factors the fogeys should contemplate when creating the schedule. Here’s what the law says regarding these topics and what oldsters ought to grasp as they create the visitation schedule.
1. The custodial parent. The most important call that folks face when creating a custody schedule is choosing the custodial parent. In Maine, each parents have an equal right to be the custodial parent–there is no preference given based on the gender of the parent. Section 1653 of Title 19-A outlines the rights and responsibilities that both folks have toward the children. Oldsters are encouraged to share the right of primary residency–this implies that the kid spends important time with each parents. If it is higher for the kid to have one parent as the primary residence, the opposite parent should have ample visitation within the schedule.
2. Grandparent visitation. Section 1803 of Title nineteen-A explains that a grandparent might petition for visitation if one amongst the kids’s parents have died, if the grandparent and the kid have a important relationship, or if that relationship between the grandparent and the kid doesn’t exist then the grandparent has created an endeavor to begin one. The court can grand visitation if it finds that it’s in the most effective interest of the child to do so. If a grandparent is given visitation, the schedule must be created to accommodate it.
3. Factors that have an effect on the simplest interest of the child. Part 3 of Section 1653 offers a listing of things that the court considers when determining the most effective interest of the child. These also are the factors that folks should consider as they make the custody schedule, as a result of it determines the place where the kid ought to live and spend time. These factors embody: the age and preference of the child, the parents’ relationship with the child, the kid’s adjustment to totally different living circumstances, the duration and adequacy of the kid’s current living scenario, the steadiness of the proposed custody and visitation schedule, the ability of the parents to cooperate, the flexibility of the fogeys to encourage the child to have contact with the other parent, if there has been any history of domestic abuse, etc.

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