Style and Speed: 2017 BMW X6 M Tested in Depth ""

By | December 21, 2017


Buying a BMW X6 M is not a logical choice. Its low-swooping roofline makes the rear seats uncomfortable and the cargo area nearly useless, and most of its best attributes can be found at a lower price in the much more sensible (relatively speaking) X5 M. But despite the impracticalities of BMW’s take on the SUV/coupe mashup, trend-setting drivers with an appetite for power have few other choices. Mercedes-AMG’s GLE63 S coupe is one; it matches the X6 M note for note on performance and style. Otherwise, the X6 M’s combination of unstoppable power, all-wheel drive, and a sloped roof is hard to come by elsewhere. Skeptics who deride you for spending six figures on an SUV that can’t even accommodate an average Costco haul can be silenced by a firm prod of the gas pedal. READ MORE ››



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