The Advantages of Front-Wheel Drive ""

By | December 11, 2017

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The Advantages of Front-Wheel Drive

If engineers had had their way, front-wheel drive would have dominated automotive design from the beginning. But, in a victory for right-brain thinkers, stylists and enthusiasts actually have a say in the car-development process. Few can deny, though, that eliminating the large, heavy, costly, and inefficient rotating parts driving the rear wheels comes with numerous benefits. Namely, it frees up interior seating and cargo room and, in the case of transverse engines, provides more crush space between the front of the car and its occupants. And without a long driveshaft, rear axle (or axles), or rear differential, the car carries less mass; this, coupled with reduced driveline loss, aids efficiency. Also, front-drive construction puts the heaviest components of the machine over the tires driving it, increasing traction on slippery surfaces. READ MORE ››



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