The Car and Driver Guide to Automotive Bullsh!t ""

By | July 3, 2017

The Car and Driver Guide to Automotive Bullsh!t

The mainstream is an easy place to drown in cow pies. Just look at the news, or a TED Talk. And few things are more mainstream than cars. There are more than 240 million light vehicles registered in America, and lately we’ve been buying some 17 million new ones per year. While that churn provides enthusiasts our very own 24-hour news cycle of product intel, it also enables a high-flow fire hose of crap—from marketers, from indifferent consumers who see the wonder that is a modern car as a mere commodity, and from the media. Media other than us, of course. What follows is our field guide to automotive bullshit, because awareness is the first step in an effective defense. At least, we hope so. Because if there’s no point to this, it would just be whining. And that’d be bullshit. READ MORE ››



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