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By | February 4, 2017
It is sobering story that over the past two years, the number of people living in poverty in the United States has significantly increased. Some people say the signs of recovery in economy are picking up, but the fact remains that the unemployment figures continue to hover around an alarming ten percent. SC Unemployment figures are no better, with the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate showing a marginal increase to 10.7 percent in December 2010 from 10.6 percent in November.

Unemployment is a disease that eats into the vitals of a society. Government and responsible agencies, at first instance, must make all efforts to seek reliable employment opportunities. Ways must be sought to connect employers and jobseekers. If that proves difficult, all assistance must be given to provide financial stability to the unemployed by providing them unemployment benefits.

Millions of Americans are relying on unemployment payments for extended periods as the nation is struggling to grapple with one of its worst crisis ever. The costs of unemployment compensation have soared enormously to around $10 billion per month.

A Summary of SC Unemployment Insurance Benefits

As in other parts of the United States, South Carolina provides temporary compensation to those who fulfill the eligibility criteria. But, the quantum of benefits provided in South Carolina differs from that of other states because the local factors differ.

Who Is Eligible?

The following criteria make you eligible.

* You must have been employed.
* The state must determine that you are unemployed due to no fault of your own.
* You must from time to time respond to the questions regarding your ongoing eligibility.
* You must meet any other criteria stipulated by the SC unemployment office.

How to File for SC Unemployment Benefits?

Here Are Some Useful Tips.

* Collect all the data of your previous employer, and that should include your employer’s name, address, and dates of your employment. A pay stub is a good source that provides all this information.
* It may be necessary to prove that you are unemployed due to no fault of your own. Therefore, keep handy all the notifications regarding your layoff, severance, and termination.
* If you need any specific help in filing for SC unemployment benefits, contact Claimant Service Center. But, remember the service center does not file for extended emergency compensation. At the Claimant Service Center, you can only file for your initial claims for unemployment benefits.

A recent analysis make sobering, though interesting reading. It is not just about SC unemployment but also about unemployment figures in the United States as a whole. Statistics show that the unemployment figures are dropping, but at the same time, the figures indicate no corresponding increase in the number of people working.

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Is this not somewhat of a paradox? Well, the answer is no. Of course, there are a number of people who now have jobs, and therefore, do not figure in the unemployed list. Yet, we must understand that quite a number of people have quit looking for jobs, which effectively means they are no longer in the list of potential labor force. This explains the above argument. The story may well be the same for SC unemployment figures. Unfortunately, this trend has serious long-term consequences. A long period of unemployment negatively affects not just the individuals and their families, but also the state, which will suffer from loss of productivity and revenue.


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