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By | February 4, 2017

Economy Down, Unemployment Claims Up

With our economy the way it is, I decided to prepare a guide to filing for unemployment benefits. My idea was to explain how the unemployment system works, what the standard is for accepting or rejecting claims, and then add in stories from my own experience about what the best tactics and common mistakes are in filing for unemployment benefits.

Scam “Services”

In researching what others were already saying on the internet, I was alarmed to find “businesses” selling something that at first looks like legal services for people who want to file an unemployment claim. However, after you fill in your information (I did it just to see what the site was really offering) you have to check a box agreeing to a long waiver – where you agree you are not buying legal services, or even buying help with filing your claim. Then you are taken to a second screen where you pay the business $9.95 and they send you a “customized report” on where and how to file. In the fine print you also agree to $2.50 per week charged to your credit card so you can “access” their non-existent resources.

Where To File – For FREE!

For free, you can see where to file right here, for all 50 states.

The main thing you need to know, however, is the standard you must meet in order to get unemployment benefit compensation, which is this:

The Standard That Decides ALL Unemployment Claims

Unemployment Insurance Benefits are intended to provide temporary financial assistance to workers who are unemployed through no fault of their own.” That last sentence is the key to unemployment claims. Follow these four tips in order to implement that sentence:

Four Quick Tips For Filers

So a few quick tips if you can’t wait for my full report to come out.

* Never write down that you “resigned”. Instead write that you “were constructively discharged” (which means you were forced out).

* Even if you were terminated, always maintain that you “were willing and able to work.” This should be a theme that infuses every answer on your unemployment claim application.

* Example: “I wanted to continue working at ABC Company but was constructively discharged by the hostile work environment created by my manager’s behavior.”

* Don’t go into HOW your manager constructively discharged you on your application, leave that for your phone hearing or write a response to your manager’s response.

* Know your deadline! Follow the link above and learn how many days you have to file your claim. Then put it on your calendar and circle it in red.

Conclusion: Don’t Pay, There’s a Better Way

There is plenty of information here if you need to file your unemployment claim right away. Coming soon, however, will be my full report on filing successful unemployment claims. Even if you can’t wait for it, remember, don’t pay money to anyone for unemployment claim insurance advice.

Economy Down, Unemployment Claims Up With our economy the way it is, I decided to prepare a guide to filing for unemployment benefits. http://www.undercoverlawyer.com/do-not-pay-to-learn-how-to-file-an-unemployment-claim/ File Unemployment Claim


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