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By | February 4, 2017

Getting the pink slip in these times of economic uncertainty is traumatic. Many people feel powerless and disoriented at first. It is very important to have a plan of action if you do get laid off. In many states, workers can apply for benefits over the phone or even directly online. One of the issues many face is how to file unemployment online when they are laid off. Many don’t know that they can.

You will need to check with your state office to ensure that it is possible to file on the Internet. Most states have their Employment Development Department on the Web. They go by different names so be sure to become familiar your individual state employment agency. Go to their website and look for a link that displays a logo or text stating “Apply Online For Unemployment Benefits”.

While completing the online application, do not use any auto fill features on your browsers. Internet Explorer’s AutoComplete and Google’s browser features will sometimes lead to incorrect filing due to the coding on a particular government website. Stick to keyboard entry. This is your lifeline for weeks of supplemental income. You don’t want to make any mistakes.

Each state is a little different but here are a few examples of the information you’ll need to have on hand.
– Start date and end date of your employment
– Stated earnings
– Employer information (usually for the last two years)
– Claimant Questions
– Mailing address, including zip code and phone number
– Social Security number
– Driver’s License number

Veteran/Military separation date
– Mother’s maiden name (for security/access purposes)
– Name, address, phone number of your last employer
– Employer’s Federal ID Number (from your W2 form or pay stub

No matter what your reasons for learning how to file for unemployment online are, it is better to be prepared for this eventuality. A loss of a job due to being fired, hurt on the job or other reasons, can be devastating.

If you are unable to file for unemployment online, than many states also allow you to do so by telephone. Yet, if you are able to file for unemployment on the Internet, there are several things that you must obtain. Having learned how to apply for unemployment online, you can take matters into your own hands if this situation becomes necessary.

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Stay on top of your communication with the state department of labor. They will request that you commit to the task of looking for work. You will need to assure them that you are doing so. Once the claim is approved, you must file the weekly claim by a phone call or a mail.


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