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By | February 4, 2017

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Unemployment has been a chronic problem not only in the United States but all around the world. In the United States, the problem has aggravated due to the recent recession. A lot many people have been laid off and many companies closed down following which many people were rendered jobless. In South Carolina too, unemployment has been on the rise like in the other states of the US. SC unemployment statistics show the unemployment rate in the month of August has increased from what it was in July 2010, but it has gone down as regards the overall from what it was in the beginning of the financial year.

Fighting Unemployment In South Carolina

The SC Department of Employment and Workforce are trying hard to fight the upsurge of SC unemployment. There are more than 38 offices in the state to help people find jobs and survive situations of crises. The SC unemployment office locations are clearly stated in their official website – www.sces.org. The Sces.org provides ways to find jobs, get claims, check if a person is eligible for the claim and even helps prospective employers find good candidates online. These details are also posted on other websites that are out there to help the unemployed with SC unemployment insurance and other benefits. They also provide links to the government websites.

The details regarding the benefits can be obtained from the SC TeleClaim number. This number lets a person know if the unemployment check has been issued once the social security and personal identification numbers are provided. The SC government insurance also goes a long way to help the unemployed.

The Claims Process

In order to get unemployment benefit, a person needs to make a claim. Making a claim is an easy process and is well explained in the state department’s website. The process basically involves three steps. The first step is the registration of the claim. This can be done from one of the many SC unemployment offices in the state or online. The next step is registering for work. This has to be done within two weeks of registering the claim. If delayed, the registering person will not receive his check. This too can be done online or from one of the offices. The last and final step is filing weekly claims without fail so that the checks are received on time. Weekly claims can be filed online, through the offices or through TeleClaim. The weekly claim will stop only after the person is reemployed and has started to earn more than the claim amount.

Though SC unemployment is still on the rise, there is hope for the unemployed with the support system extended by the state. The benefits offered are just enough to keep the person afloat till he or she finds alternate employment. Since the state itself helps to find employment, many people are rescued this way. So, if a person is unemployed in South Carolina and is unable to find a job, all they have to do is approach the SC Department of Employment and Workforce.


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