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By | February 4, 2017

Depression, we know that is caused by many factors and when it comes to depression in the youngsters then unemployment becomes at the top of the list of causes of depression in them. This is the problem of the youth of several countries around the world. It is a thing of big concern of the poor and under developed countries because there the ratio of unemployed people is quite high and that leads to increase the number of depression patients and suicidal attempts. So unemployement is one of the main reasons of development of symptoms of male depression and in young females too.

When the leaders of the states talk about the prosperous and developed state, then it is their duty to create the ways for maximum job opportunities to the youth of their country. Otherwise, the dream of making a prosperous and stable state of the world will not come true. The youth is considered as the future of every state. It is the investment that can show fruits when they are given their due opportunities. When we ignore them then the consequences are very dangerous. Youngsters are very sensitive and emotional and most of them want to be self-reliance and self-dependant. Instead of become a burden on family and the nation they want to do something for them. But when they have no jobs and find no way to become self-dependant then the result is that the join bad company and become depressed and uncertain about their future. Depression cases in such type of young girls and guys can lead them to commit suicide that is the most severe form of depression. Therefore it is the responsibility of the leaders of every state to take a good care of their youth and try to utilize them instead to lose them because it is in the interest of every responsible state.


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