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By | February 4, 2017


You owe it to yourself and you owe it to God and all mankind to be successful; even very successfully rich. This is not platitudinous in any sense because it is our birthright to have prosperity. However there are steps you shall have to undertake should magical wealth be yours thus enabling you to provide for your hearts desires. You do not want a partial life now do you as I am sure you seek a harmonious life.

First off this is not a get rich quick scheme gimmick because to attain massive success commands a particular mindset. Reason being you want to hold on to your success; don’t you? Well then erase the poverty mindset and also erase any notions you may be harbouring that there is not enough to go around; because the natural laws are abundantly blessed. Thus there are loads for you and everyone else as long as you nurture expansive thought always without ever thinking the opposite! ‘You do not want to get rich so you may live swinishly’ W D. Wattles.

There is one more fact I want you to ingrain in your psyche and that is God created man with express intentions to see how we may advance using our intellect as well as our hands. You see God told us he will show us all the information we need instructing us how the world was formed if we so desire it. He also wants to see what we can create by using our minds in harmony with his Wisdom but so far few have adapted this skill set for their own attainments. Are you up to it?

The first parameter requiring your attention is your connection with God through spiritual and personal growth. Spirituality is an essence one either has or not as one cannot switch it on at will; it is a constant. But faith with God commences with a conversation thus talk with God daily and also develop the practice of gratitude. Nothing of value will ever come to anyone who does not show signs of gratitude even on a human level appreciation is a magical key.

Secondly: optimum health is vital to your well being and success in order to have the energy levels required giving you the stamina for resilience. Walk for twenty minutes every day, eat three good meals every day. Most of all feed your mind with the necessary optimism needed to combat any negativity that may ooze towards your campaign.

Third parameter: Your physical environment has a humungous influence on your behaviour so sit down and write out the effects being where you reside have on you. Your family relationships and how kind are you with them; in other words do you argue a lot?

Firth parameter: Fun and games. Life would be pointless if there was not one ounce of enjoyment to be had with all expenditures of energy whether in work or personal time.

Sixth parameter: social aid? Giving of yourself when you have nothing else will bring more smiles and positive vibes than any and all other efforts combined. When you give of yourself with good cheer nature cannot help but respond to your generosity by aligning prosperity in similar if not even greater quantities commensurate with your efforts.

Seventh Parameter: mastermind group: no one person ever accumulated worthy triumphs alone; they were all part of a team. Write down the names of people you admire in your locality and these most be people possessing a similar mindset as the one you are choosing to adopt; i.e. a mindset of abundance. Now would you like to work with them? if so ask them would they be interested in being part of your mastermind group as a medium for advancement and harmony.

Eight Parameter: career: this is the most vital because this is where you have to decide what it is you would really like to do. Now if you have been made redundant take a look at the industry you were part of and make a clear analysis about it ever returning in all its glory. If it is not showing signs of promise then decide immediately that you need to educate yourself towards an alternate career. Libraries are full of books that can aid your development and many colleges have affordable programs you may qualify for.

If your desire is really strong enough you will take these steps and enlarge upon them seeking how you may apply this information towards advancing your life. Only you can stop your progress and only you can stimulate and invite progress and all it takes is your desire matched with extreme levels of faith guided through a plan of action. Momentum is your ally so once you start your journey do not, repeat do not, stop for anything even if you have to move somewhere else; just do it!

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Bonus point: Think of every day as a successful day and encourage others thus you too shall be encouraged! A true advancing man advances others confidently!


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