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By | February 4, 2017

Yesterday, Terry Lewis (41)a woman convict hailing from the state of Virginia U.S was executed amidst massive protests by anti-capital punishment activists of USA. The woman, Terry Lewis was executed by administering lethal injection into her blood stream. She was convicted for murdering her husband and step son. Though she had submitted an appeal against the sentence in the highets court of the land, the Supreme Court of USA, her plea was rejected by the ‘learned, civilized’ judges. The execution of a lady convict was first of its kind in USA since 1912. World’s greatest democracy is supposed to be most civilized. And if such a thought is prevalent amongst us we are terribly mistaken. How a nation that round the clock brags about its rich heritage and civilizatoin still treads the laws of Medieval times.

Yes, civilized it is, other wise it would not have followed the practice of administering lethal injection into a convict’s bloodstream when so many inhuman ways of implementing death sentences are available.

Unlike Taliban of Afghanistan, pity them they are not in power now, U.S didn’t follow Shariat laws, Summary Trials, quick sentencing and executing the sentences then and there before the entire public ranging from whip-lashing, stoning to death, death by hanging, shooting point blank in cold-blood for a variety of crimes. No reprieve for filing appeals and no mercy whatsoever by the higher-ups, all done in quick, sharp precision for the onlookers to watch their heart beats like drumbeats adrenal glands  working overtime setting off ripples in each one’s mind. Obey us, follow us or else………

Compared to Taliban and those who follow and practice Shariat laws in letter and spirit, I hate to name those nations, look how far civilized U.S is? No whiplashing, no stoning to death, no public hanging, no point blank shooting – such uncivilized ways of executing a death sentence is anathema to Uncle Sam teaching and inculcating a lesson of committing any act wicked or not the most civilized way.

The abolitionists one by one came down heavily on the execution of the sentence calling it “legal homicide” and “legal lynching”. Who cares especially in a great democracy?

The campaign for wiping out this inhuman practice gained momentum despite the spread of education, moral and ethical values in society. Unfortunately culture, civilization or heritage never matter to a few nations, India no exception, when it comes to the heart of the matter.

“An eye for an eye” kind of principle still prevails, the logic behind such an attitude still puzzling and alarming, with the perpetuation of capital punishment the crimes in the society seem to be not at all coming down, still crime graph across the world is on upswing. That points to some other factors- societal, financial, psychological, educational – to a certain extent -, illiteracy, rampant poverty, unemployment, communalism, religious fanaticism, amassment of massive wealth by a minority,-reasons vary. Without delving deeper into such problems which need the urgent attention of the authorities, thus leading to amicable solutions sentencing to death a few convicts, the most influential ones utilizing the loop-holes in the law always -entirely different matter- I wonder whether the criminal activities anywhere, everywhere ever have a chance to go down.

Many nations especially European nations have already done away with death penalty terming it quite barbaric reminding of the practices followed in Medieval times.

But this is 21st century. We are forging ahead in almost all fields and correspondingly the laws of lands needto undergo tremendous innovative changes.

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A moratorium of executing capital punishment till 2015 was adopted by a group of nations, a few years ago so as to weigh the pros and cons of adopting an attitude acceptible to all of them and that resolution is still in force. By opposing capital punishment from the face of earth, one doesnot think in terms of doing away with all punishments. Without imposing, capital punishment convicts could undergo harrowing times behind bars depending upon the seriousness of their crimes. It would or might pave the way for them to reflect upon their horrible deeds they committed, follwed by remorse or repentence, and a mentality to atone for their sins, giving them a chance upon completion of their sentence to lead normal existence among others in the society.


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