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By | February 4, 2017

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USA is one of the most preferred locations for higher studies, a number of students dream of pursuing their education here. Some of the best universities in the world find their home in US, this is the primary reason why more and more foreign students flock here every year for their higher studies.

These universities of US play a very important role in bringing different people, from different parts of the world with different culture together. It helps them to mingle with each other freely and foster a sense of unity. This country is the biggest knowledge producer in the world.

Top Universities Of US:

  1. Harvard University: it is located at Garden Street Cambridge, it ranks second in the world.
  2. Stanford University: this university is situated in Main Quad, Stanford. It ranks number one among the top universities of US.
  3. University of California: this university is located in Berkeley, Carlton. It ranks third.
  4. Yale University: this university is located in New Haven. According to the U.S News of World Universities it ranks third.
  5. University of Texas: this university is located in Austin. It holds the ninth position.
  6. University of Michigan: this university is located at Ann Arbour. It ranks sixth.
  7. Cornell University: this university is situated in Ithaca. It ranks seventh.
  8. University of Washington: it is located at Seattle WA. It ranks tenth.
  9. University of Illinois: it is situated at West Illinois Street Urbana. It ranks eleventh.
  10. Columbia University New York: it is located in Broadway, New York. It ranks fifteenth.
  11. University of Chicago: it is located in East 59th Street, Chicago. It ranks fourteenth.
  12. Dartmouth College: it is located in McNutt Hall, Hanover. It ranks eleventh.
  13. Duke University: it is located at Durham. It ranks eighth.
  14. Princeton University: it is located at New Jersey and its ranks number one.
  15. Pennsylvania State University: it is located at Pennsylvania and it ranks fifth.

These rankings are based on the Webometrics Ranking of World Universities, and U.S. News of World Universities. However, students are also required to conduct their own research about these universities for further details. If you want to know more you can refer education guide.



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