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By | February 4, 2017

Voting is a social trick and it works like this. For the privilege of voting you agree that you will support the leadership of the government, even when it was not who you voted for. Now, in modern political events in the United States, the powers that be put up lousy candidates and we are to pick the better of two evils? Why, why not give us some decent folks that are worthy, ethical, and will maintain integrity.

Voting is a trap and a trick to involve the masses of individuals in the government, a government that really does not value the individual anymore anyway. By involving the masses the leaders are able to prevent rebellion. The tactic works quite well in controlling the mindless masses, they actually buy-into it. Perhaps this is why our Presidential Election processes last so long? It takes time for the masses to coalesce and/or prepare to accept that they will not get their way.

Unfortunately in all of this we find that the people are no longer served and the choices for leaders are not viable. Let’s face it our nation is the greatest nation ever created in the history of mankind and this is the best we can come up with? They put up these people as leaders of the free world and ask us to pick the least offensive one, or the lesser of two evils.

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Why on Earth would any “good standing American” who truly cares about this nation, accept such a bunch of malarkey – it’s unacceptable. The election process is a joke and it is truly absurd that we allow this, surely we can do better than this for a nation with a 17-trillion dollar economy and 303 million people in it. We should concentrate on fixing the system not participating in a façade.


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