What I’d Do Differently: Johan de Nysschen ""

By | October 11, 2017

What I’d Do Differently: Johan de Nysschen

C/D: What does Cadillac gain from being in New York?

JD: First, we have to recognize that General Motors is truly a titan corporation. It’s very large and very complex. And given the hurry we are in to get Cadillac firing on all cylinders, we had to get the best shot at, among other things, brand separation executed very rapidly. It’s not total freedom, but a high degree of decision making on core parts of the business, not only marketing. If we didn’t create geographic separation, I’m afraid we’d face the consequences I saw earlier in my career, which is that nothing changes. The meetings stay the same; the people in the meetings stay the same; and, guess what? The decisions and outcomes stay the same. We have Cadillac people—or at least people who are focused on the luxury business—playing a more prominent part in crucial decision making. READ MORE ››



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