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By | February 4, 2017

Sadly there is an illness in our world that has gone unnoticed or maybe unrecognized. This illness has all the characteristics for clinical disorders, obviously with various symptoms.

This disorder is terminating, worse than any cancer we have seen, and more dangerous than any flue. This illness has been around forever yet despite all the research and technology in the world we still have no real treatment or cure for it.

I would like to call it this very ill-fated and killing disorder called: Women hatred. Taliban is only one sample of individuals where the symptoms of women hatred are evident and self explanatory.  Your anxiety just increases when you watch scenes of how women are being treated by Taliban and all other groups alike Taliban.  Women hatred exists in many places in the world, more and less.

This illness will be found in places where lack of knowledge about human body and human race are real factors. This illness when uncured will cause infection and damages the other organs of this body. We can be sure that the disease of women hatred develops typically in the darkness of illiteracy, poverty, war, and segregation rules.

This illness is mostly among men who are scared of women and what women present. This disorder causes paranoia, fear, and rage. Women hatred is a devastating clinical disorder that kills millions of women each year around the world; however the issue is mostly mixed up with religion and culture. What we miss is that women hatred has its own culture, the culture of hate and rage.

There are many treatment options for this illness and I am sure human organizations in the world are doing best they can to eliminate this sometimes epidemic illness.

However the best treatment options for these men who are badly ill and who will victimize women is not jail. This illness can be cured when you forcefully put these men in schools and show them videos about human body. The best prison for these men who are victimizing women would be places where you show them how women give birth, how female physical body grows, and how females are strong entities who will not accept this way of treatment.

The best therapy could be in form of having these men sitting besides women who have been beaten, tortured, and slashed due to women hatred disease. With use of forces these men should not be allowed to talk, but only watch women talking about how they are able to claim their rights. Taliban is only one group of men among many others who do not know where they come from. They should be reminded how they occupied their mother’s womb and how they entered this world where they are spreading this disease. Iranian women, Afghan women, and many other women in the world know how these men are ill, badly ill. This illness needs a real cure.


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