WSJ Forgets GOP Taking Debt Ceiling Hostage

WSJ Forgets GOP Taking Debt Ceiling Hostage
The Wall Street Journal promoted Republican revisionist history portraying previous debt ceiling negotiations as bipartisan, ignoring the Republican obstructionism that led to the 2011 debt ceiling crisis. If Congress is unable to raise the U.S. debt …
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Those Damned Libertarian Republicans Are Spoiling America's Unipolar Moment!
Over at Foreign Policy, Will Marshall laments the fact that America's position of “global leader” is being “strained” by a GOP that is “increasingly in thrall to libertarian ideas.” If only this renewed skepticism towards unwarranted, unpopular, and …
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GOP Rep. Steve Womack's 'Friendly Advice' to Mexican-American Constituent
There are many things foreign that seem to ignite immediate anger from Republicans, and one of those things is the sight of an American citizen displaying pride for their ethnic heritage, particularly by saluting the flag of their immediate ancestors …
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