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Classic BMW: 2018 BMW 2-series, Tested in Depth ""

If BMW’s floaty 7-series and disconnected 3-series are symptoms of something amiss in the state of Bavaria, then the 2-series is the antidote. This sports coupe is quick, nimble, and engaging the way that some our favorite Bimmers of yore were. Two models, the 248-hp 230i and the 335-hp M240i,…


Tested: How Fast Your Car Needs To Be to Outrun a Cop ""

You’re watching TV, a show is on with a name like America’s Most Inbred: High-Speed Pursuits, and you notice a trend. Anytime you see a police chase, the fugitive is driving a vehicle woefully inadequate for the task. There is a 100 percent certainty that if you see a Pontiac…


Chase Enders: Police Spike Strips Tested! ""

From the September 2017 issue A police chase is one of the best forms of live television—we all secretly root for the bad guy, hoping to see Bo and Luke Duke–level skills emerge as the perpetrator rides into the sunset unscathed. Rarely is that the case, though. Certainly, running from…